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Path of roses )))

I took the path full of roses
endured the love of roses
to strain my emotion
and torture my innocence
smiled with me in roses
yet to pain me with roses

left alone by the roses
discovered on the roses
climb me an emotion of roses
and lend me a rose of roses
to torture my innocence
and surely strain my emotion
to endure the love of roses
in this path full of roses

i hope we can cross this
out and cut the roses
and trade to the far east
if you want it…
it is a path of so many roses
in variety and kind, of roses


contributory poem by: onalethuso petruss ntema 

You Are Loved

When the road seems too long

When darkness sets in

When everything turns out wrong

And you can’t find a friend

Remember ~ you are loved59741296_5e35103d302f


When smiles are hard to come by

And you’re feeling down

When you spread your wings to fly

And can’t get off the ground

Remember ~ you are loved.


When time runs out before you’re through

And it’s over before you begin

When little things get to you

And you just can’t win

Remember ~ you are loved.


When your loved ones are far away

And you are on your own

When you don’t know what to say

When you’re afraid of being alone

Remember ~ you are loved.


When your sadness comes to an end

And everything is going right

May you think of your family and friends

And keep their love in sight

A thank-you for being loved.


May you see the love around you

In everything you do

And when troubles seem to surround you

May all the love shine through

You are blessed ~ you are loved.

Roger Pinches