I’m Tired!

I’m tired of waiting, when I know he’s never coming

I’m tired of pretending everything is fine,

When I lost something that was sometime mine

I’m tired of pretending that I’m over him,

When I know my life is all about him.

I’m tired of putting up a happy face,

When I’m going through my life’s worst phase

I’m tired of trying to sleep at night

When all I so id hold on to the pillow tight

I’m tired of expecting people to understand me

When I know they are going to live with their assumptions about me

I’m tired of always planning to to start again

Cause whenever I look back I fall for him all over again

I’m tired of wanting a new beginning

When I know there’s no happy ending

I’m tired of all that’s going on

But I have faith in myself that I’ll move on

I’ll move on and stop saying I’m tired So

I’ll try not to get tired tired Not to get tired,

But still somewhere in the end

I’m tired

I’m tired.

 Rachna Chawla



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