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Snow is falling
A beautiful sight
Snow is falling
It plays with the light
Snow is falling
It plays it’s game
Snow is falling
It makes all that’s different look the same
Snow is falling
It’s source is storm
Snow is falling
It makes all conform
Snow is falling
It blinds all who see
Snow is falling
It hides you from me
Snow is falling
From a sky of lead
Snow is falling
Never mind…we’re dead

Jay M. McCabe

The Snow, a poem by Angelo

Oh, the Snow! the snow! Oh, the soft white snow;

Away the light feathery flakes dancing go;

Like spirits of light in the air they float

Each speck like a tiny fairy’s boat;

Or like veils of Ernaine from depths of sky

To cover the Earth and in beauty lie;

Or like gossamer garments to clothe the trees,

Borne far to the woods on the quivering breeze.

All nature enrobes in these plumes of light,

That sparkle like gems in the sunbeams bright.

Hiding the gloom of the barren Earth,

With these beautiful wreaths of heavenly birth.

How they dance in their gladness, whirling along

With a glee of their own, and their own sweet song.

Like a myriad doves, on their feathery pinions’

Bringing quiet and peace through God’s dominions.