About Me

Welcome to my blog )))

Giving up is always an option but never my choice.



It is both pleasant and a bit difficult to speak about myself.

It is pleasant because every person enjoys speaking about his or her interests, likes or dislikes.

But at the same time it is difficult because to study a person, especially yourself, 

it is a great journey, not a little walk.

Speaking about my character 

I’d like first of all to define what character is.

These are some qualities 

that make a person different from others.

 People often say about me that I am not like others.

 I don’t think that I am something special.

When candles are out all cats are grey.

 But of course if you come closer and turn on the light 

you can see that some features are typical to me.

But to cut the long story short I think I am a good humoured, 

very responsible, hardworking and emotional person.

 I like creativity and appreciate this trait in others.

I try not to be late and I hate when others don’t come on time.

I prefer to associate with clever and polite people.

It is very annoying when somebody 

whom I trust turns out to be unreliable.

But I try to treat other people so as 

I want them to treat me.

I adore travelling, seeing other people, their traditions, customs,

arts,to get acquainted with their culture, going sightseeing.

Besides I like different kinds of music, 

I like music with rhythm you can dance to.

I like English language very much,

because of that I start this blog

but for me it is difficult to write my thoughts in English.

English is my second language.

I wish I could be able to use the language

and shape it following my thoughts.

Here I post some my favourite quotes, poetry, songs, pictures … Hope you like it. 


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I like the directness of your blog entries. They strike a chord. And thank you for stopping by my blog! All the best to you…

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